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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Self pity is very unbecoming

Okay I get has been a rough two weeks, and it is only getting harder.  I realized the other day as I was miserably looking into the mirror Self Pity is so very unbecoming of me.   The last two weeks not only have I only lost one pound, my body is in so much pain, and I'm pretty sure I have two new freaking wrinkles around my newly formed "crows feet"  I used to have a line and now they have officially turned into feet! 

I mean come on, I am not old, and I thought thirty was the new twenty?  Then why do I look and feel freaking  forty?  (not that forty is bad, just when you are nearly ten {okay some and rounding} years younger than that it sucks!)  So I have decided no more!  NO MORE SELF PITY!.  It must stop if I am going to be successful at my goal. 

So on that positive note, today is Tuesday, and I had to weigh in this morning.  So I walked seductively into the bathroom and I looked my lover in the eye, tapped him and said, " let's do this!"  As I jumped on the slot machine I looked down only to reveal that I had gained a freaking pound! 

"MUDDDER F&^%#@&!"

Okay ladies and gentlemen..self pity stops tomorrow, unless the tape test goes terribly bad!

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