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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another week of travel..another week lost?

So I was on the road again for "Chicken Flats" and this time I decided I was not gonna let this one get by me.  I made sure that I would make time to get a work out in at least three days while I was out there. The trouble is when I go out there I end up working non stop.  With out any other distractions it is easy to dedicate 100 hours and not realize it but I promised myself not this way.

Well I was not very successful, I ended up working about 89 hours, but I did manage to work out, it was the eating and sleeping that fell to the waste side. However I was totally okay that I had minimal time to was not like I was going to starve to death, nor melt away to nothing. ( I couldn't be so freaking lucky) I was kind of hoping during this trip out I would get some compliments on how much weight I had lost, but either I look the same and have not lost as much weight as I feel, or the people I see really don't look at me?  I am gonna try to say it is the second of the two; becasue when I came home, and went to my new fav spot "Huff's Bar and Grill"  and there I got mad compliments and it is a huge ego boost.  My friend Shelly is always telling everyone how cool it is that I am running, now if I can get here to tell everyone about this blog perhaps I can pay my tab.  LOL  I am hoping my line a credit runs for a while....I could use a break.  So if you are reading this could you stock some wine...please? 

Anyway, I have not weighed in this week and I plan on returning to my Tuesday ritual and then we will know if I finally have broken the plateau.  In the mean time I have decided to mix some toning in to wake my muscles up.  I think they are getting board with the running.  So now I am on to a new goal...( don't judge i know I have not total completed any of the ones I have set  but I plan on it the additional goals will help me with all of them....this is called multi-tasking, if you don't know it learn it, cuz that is the only way to survive in this world anymore!) 

So my new goal...ABS  A- ass, B-butt, and S- Sex appeal.   

When I got home, the Nazi came up to me, and he was smoking! He is on a mission to rip up and he is doing it a lot faster then me, so I have to catch up, because I don't want to be the couple that everyone secertly wonders why is he with her?  I can't afford to be the "HER"  that would crush my ABS it is!!  I am asking all out there to join me, Shout it out  ABS!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This weeks update

I have been crazy busy the last week.  I decided to run a 5k, at the Nazi's work so that had me very nervous, not to mention catching back up at "Chicken Flats".  The day that I came back from my vacation I was bombarded with enough work to make a grown man cry.   So between work, setting up day care arrangements, arguing wtih the Nazi, and training for the 5k, I did not get much else accomplished. 

I should have wrote Saturday, after the 5k, but I was so tired I spent the rest of the day on the couch and then went for drinks, which is probably why my week totals suck!  And when I say "suck" they suck.  But anyway, the 5k I did was the first I had ever ran, and I was nervous because it was at the Nazi's work.  Those people have no mercy on anyone when they get something on you they don't ever forget it.  So I wanted to do really good, so that I didn't embarrass my dear hubby.  I ran and I ran, as hard as I could and when I crossed the finish line in a full blown sprint.  People cheered and clapped.  I felt like I had just completed the Boston Marathon.  Then...I threw up.  The clapping and cheering immediately stopped.  Well so much for not embarrassing him.  I didn't place cuz there were freakishly weird healthy people there, which I know didn't work there, but I did do it is 37 minutes, which is my best time every!

So you would think with the fact that I stop eating after 8pm, and ran all week I would pay a visit to my dear friend the slot machine for hell, that he would be some what kind and tell me I have broken the curse of the "plateau".  NOPE...jumped on and what do you know..not a freaking pound lost.  At this point I can no longer afford to be depressed about it, I have to find a solution.  This will be a fourth week with no loss.  If I was on the Biggest Looser, they would have voted my ass off the ranch.  Pack your shit and get out. 

So now here I am, feeling good though because to be honest, I feel good, I feel healthy, and I am very proud of how far I have come, not in my weight loss but in my accountability and follow through.  My lifestyle has truly changed.  So even though I can't count this week as a loss in pounds, I can put myself one step to my ultimate goal, of being a better ME!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Sorry all, I missed blogging Saturday because believe or not I was on vacation.  I had decided to spend my vacation nearly techno free.  Attempting to stay away from cell phones and computers, only because I have the tendency to work while I am on vacation cuz I know if I don't attempt to stay in the loop on e-mail I spend at least my first two days back playing catch up which I hate. 

I spent much of my vacation home working around the house and yard and spending some quality time with the Nazi.  It was a nice change of pace, however our ideas of vacation seem to differ which then caused some termoil.  See when I think vacation, I think no work, lots of play and relaxation.  He thinks projects, drinks, projects, and gym.  (which I know is his sactuary, but what he doesn't get it is not mine, not just yet)  Although working out is getting easier and becoming more of my life style, I DID NOT WANT TO DO IT ON VACATION!!!  There in lied the problem.  As you all know that when I cacualted out my goal, I took into consideration vacation and holidays knowing that there is a great possibility of a set back in weight. 

So tomorrow I weigh in and I am sure there will be a set back..because I have been sitting on this freaking plateau so I am sure without working out I had to have gained something.  Then I will have to listen to the Nazi.  But on a side note I did have some success this past month, even though I did not loose much weight, I lost another 2 1/2 inches...yes that is all over and not in one spot but i still lost it and now people are commenting on how great I look.  Which is making me feel much better. 

I did however decide I need to get rid of the full length mirror though, it is destroying my selfesteem.  I have not yet done it, but I am leaning more and more toward breaking it into tiny peices.  See while on vacation working in the yard, I got a horrible sunburn.   I was verry carefully getting dressed and I happen to look at my pale skin that had not seen sun  in years had turned this amazing fire engine red and I realized, even though I have lost weight I have gone from Sumo to John Freaking Candy.  I gazed at my fat realizing I look just like him form the stupid movie The Great Outdoors!  Can somebody please tell me when do you start looking good from lossing weight, cuz this is a lot harder to endour then  I thought?