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Monday, June 6, 2011


Sorry all, I missed blogging Saturday because believe or not I was on vacation.  I had decided to spend my vacation nearly techno free.  Attempting to stay away from cell phones and computers, only because I have the tendency to work while I am on vacation cuz I know if I don't attempt to stay in the loop on e-mail I spend at least my first two days back playing catch up which I hate. 

I spent much of my vacation home working around the house and yard and spending some quality time with the Nazi.  It was a nice change of pace, however our ideas of vacation seem to differ which then caused some termoil.  See when I think vacation, I think no work, lots of play and relaxation.  He thinks projects, drinks, projects, and gym.  (which I know is his sactuary, but what he doesn't get it is not mine, not just yet)  Although working out is getting easier and becoming more of my life style, I DID NOT WANT TO DO IT ON VACATION!!!  There in lied the problem.  As you all know that when I cacualted out my goal, I took into consideration vacation and holidays knowing that there is a great possibility of a set back in weight. 

So tomorrow I weigh in and I am sure there will be a set back..because I have been sitting on this freaking plateau so I am sure without working out I had to have gained something.  Then I will have to listen to the Nazi.  But on a side note I did have some success this past month, even though I did not loose much weight, I lost another 2 1/2 inches...yes that is all over and not in one spot but i still lost it and now people are commenting on how great I look.  Which is making me feel much better. 

I did however decide I need to get rid of the full length mirror though, it is destroying my selfesteem.  I have not yet done it, but I am leaning more and more toward breaking it into tiny peices.  See while on vacation working in the yard, I got a horrible sunburn.   I was verry carefully getting dressed and I happen to look at my pale skin that had not seen sun  in years had turned this amazing fire engine red and I realized, even though I have lost weight I have gone from Sumo to John Freaking Candy.  I gazed at my fat realizing I look just like him form the stupid movie The Great Outdoors!  Can somebody please tell me when do you start looking good from lossing weight, cuz this is a lot harder to endour then  I thought?

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