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Sunday, May 22, 2011

New units of measurements

This week has been great, I have been back from out of state for "Chicken Flats"  and things are back to normal.  I have been running everyday with the support (nagging) of my dear husband.  But it has been going well.  I have been averaging three miles and at least two days I shoot for five miles.  It is getting easier, but I can not get my son to understand that mommy needs to have "me time" to exercise if mommy is going to be successful.  I swear to God it never fails the moment I turn that thing on, it is, "!"  I want to kill him, he and my hubby do the same thing when I am on the freaking is with that!

Anyway, I was feeling very good; so good that even though I promised myself I would not do it, I have been visiting my new lover all week, the scale.  He has not been so friendly with me.  It has been up and down all week and I am now concerned that by Tuesday I will have lost nothing?  But I wonder is this what happens all week and I just don't know it?  So I have decided I need a new unit of measurement to boost my morale.  Because I believe I have hit it...the dreaded plateau.  I really thought that you weren't supposed to plateau until you actually had lost some weight.  But I started thinking about it and this is about were I would normally cave, the 15-19 pound it is imperative people that I have some success this week!  IMPERATIVE!

The only thing that is keeping me going is that my clothes feel different, but the problems is I have such a weird airy of sizes I can't remember what fit and what was tight.  I have three sections in my closet..the it's that time wardrobe...everything is a little stretched out or made of stretchy material.  The "look at me" section, that is the stuff that is dressing and sometimes I can wear them and sometimes I just look at them.  Then there is the "I have a dream" section which are clothes I probably have not worn in 10 years, but I can not part with them, and but the time I can were them again they will be so far gone on the fashion scale I should slap myself for going out in public with them on.  But today..I found the ultimate prize, the biggest boost I have gotten from anything I have tried on.

Wait for it...wait  for it...MY BATH TOWEL.  Note: I don't not have the giant bath towels, cuz one they are expensive and two they take too long to dry.  So I have the average size towels and in the past few years, I have struggled to wrap one around me.  Well today ladies and gentlemen..I got out of the shower, wrapped the towel around me and walked to my dressing room and realized the towel was up on it's own.  Then I looked down and notices it was overlapped and I was not showing any lady parts!!  I am officially small enough to wear a large piece of terry clothe!!! 

DON' T JUDGE...I will take success where I see fit!

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