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Sunday, May 8, 2011


So this week, was truly a rough week, I was feeling really good about my success and my new found commitment about staying on the wagon.  However I was betrayed by my own laziness and only manage to run twice this week.  It is amazing how one thing over comes another. Betrayal can be a tricky thing.

I am mean in the instant gratification of that slice of cake, or pie or extra few dollaries, really doesn't out weigh the big picture, but you find your self enjoying more because of the taboo of it.  Then the guilt sets in, the realization that everything you worked so hard for even if it is just the few pounds or that "Ahhaw" moment of success is now gone. 

So here is the bigger question... How do you take the power away from "betrayal"  or recover from it.  So I am asking all you out there...What do you do to take the power away from your vice?  How do you stay on your wagon?

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