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Monday, May 2, 2011

Freaking spring.

So I have not been very sucessful this week with my exercise rotiune.  Although I started the week off well, it has ended a little crappy.  I love spring, I used to suffer some seasonal depression after moving to this state.  The winter is so long and I swear it starts earlier and ends later every year.  Global warming is a freaking joke!  But the problem here is that everything turns brown early and stays that way for ever! So when spring comes I love it, green grass, blooming flowers, and all the wonderful smells.  Then something weird happend...out of the blue I strarted getting allergies, and each year they get worse.  My favoriate season has now become my nemisis.  I can't leave the windows open at night ans enjoy the cool air, cuz by morning my freaking eyes are so swollen that they hurt to open.  All day long I pop allergy meds, and antihistime drops in my eyes and I still want to rip them out of my head and rinse them in cool water and put them back in! 


Then this weekend we had a very nice day so I spent the whole day working in the yard planting grass at my new house.  Then I had to sprinkle straw all over to make sure the see did not wash away.  As a sprinkled and walked the yard, my face began to swell.  My eyes watered.  I kept going cuz we had to get it done.  I itched all over, i began popping alevert like it was candy.  I must have eaten 10 before I realized that my face felt like the kid from the movie "Mask"  with Cher.  I spent the rest of the night inside with ice cold towels  on my face and spent Sunday so miserable I think people on death row probably had a better personality.


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