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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the wagon

So as you see from my last post I have not been that successful this past week.  I was really worried about my weigh in, because I was sure I had jinxed myself.  The other day; my loving and supportive husband was riding my ass about not exercising and I made the mistake of saying, "You know I am doing a lot better than you think at least I have not gained anything back!"  Well this week with all the misery I was in due to spring, and really I think I was using every excuse in the book cuz I really was tired.  I was sure that I would get on the slot machine form hell and it would taunt me by laughing as it said I had gained weight. 

Stupid karma. 

So in a last chance effort this morning I ran as hard as I could for as long as I could and then weighed in.  (it was a very Biggest Looser moment)  But anyway, I jumped on and to my surprise I had lost a pound and half.  Not record setting but as least karma stayed away one more week.  But it has  made me think, I have to get back on the wagon, get back on track.  I can't loose sight of my goals.  Then I thought perhaps if I look at my weight as my addiction.  Stay with me people, I see people on the news and all over that piss their lives away over an addiction and I wonder, why?  Why can't they just make the choice to do the right thing for themselves their family and society.  Perhaps, weight/food/ and laziness is my vice.  Maybe if I looked at my weight as a dyer situation I would choose to work harder.  Not saying in need to go to Over Eaters Anonymous or anything, but perhaps my Ass is Tired of Working So I'm Gonna Sit Here on the Freaking Couch meetings. 

You know when I started this journey, it was about finding myself.  Not to mention that my skinny doc said it was either loose the weight or lap band surgery.  That really put a spark up my ass but then the flame burnt out.  Cuz I hate to say it because it sounds so cliche, it really is a lifestyle change you have to make.  So here is ...

Step One all over again:  My name is Nancy and I am fat and I like to be lazy.

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