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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Multiple personalities

So here I am twelve weeks in, on a emotional journey that still has 30 weeks to go.  I had to visit my friend today, the Slot Machine From Hell.  Although he is my new secret lover, his honesty is less then to be desired.  I weighed in late last week due to traveling for "Chicken Flats", so I am guessing some of that 2 1/2 pounds last week should be this week.  But I decide to meet him anyway and of course, as I predicted his honesty is less then to be desired. 

Only 1/2 pound, talk about a punch in the gut; even with all the running I did and I practically staved myself during my "last chance work out day"  ( FYI: Biggest Looser  reference)  But I guess it is to be expected, I did just weigh in Friday so it only has been 4 days.  Not to mention this weird depression/funk I seem to be in.  One minute good, next I am freaking Eor.  I am beginning to wonder if I will break out in all the Winnie the Pooh  personalities this week and if I should check myself into the nut house.  Or at least the nearest oak tree.

What you don't see it?  Come on people, Winnie the Pooh is a total mask for a story about a girl that is trapped in a boys body.  He runs off to make believe place where all his "friends (dolls) come to life"  He dresses like a girl, and his best friend's name is Winne...COME ON!   Seriously the guy who wrote it had to suffer from multiple personalities.  Winnie- the lost innocent , Rabbit- controlling and anal retentive, Owl- wise, his conscience, Tigger- the outcast one of kind, Pigglet- the humble and scared,  and Eor- the depressed and reality struck soul.    You know you see it now, right? 

Well faithful fans, what is one to do..I am now officially behind 4 1/2 pounds, stuck in a rut, and attempting to run my way out of it.  I could use some inspiration now if you got it.  Don't get me wrong, I am proud that I  made it this far, but I still have 30 weeks to go and now I have to make every one of them count!  So e-mail, text, post, call with your hidden tips or advice or words of wisdom.

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