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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FU Plateau

Well it is Tuesday again, week 13!  Had to visit my, "Slot Machine from Hell"  And yes as you can tell from my tone we are not on speaking terms.  I mean come on, I ran a total of 26 miles this week, and watched what I ate, busted my ass as work, and put my life back together from traveling and what does the " El De'ablo tell me when I jump on the scale lost .5lbs .  NOT FIVE POUNDS people.  POINT FIVE pounds; a freaking half a pound. 

So as a bitch to my old man and I am sure he can tell that I am disgusted , probably from the excessive amount of profanities that echoes through the house this morning.  As I wrote on the dry erase board and threw the stupid marker which I a sure I will never find again. 

"It is still a loss."  He says is an attempt to be supportive. (when I secretly know he wants to laugh and say something funny, cuz compassion  is not his strong suit, but un-filtered truth better known as open mouth insert foot is) 

I can not believe it, A freaking plateau...already, I have to get past this, I am 6 lbs behind schedule and I can not afford to "plateau for a few weeks!"  Not to mention I am coming up on vacation week which I had planned on gaining 3 pounds from the mass consummations of alcoholic beverages.  Now I can't even do that! 

So here we are my new enemy....I will see you on the battlefield and I say to you...FU !!

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