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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving forward

Well, I know many of you are wondering, WHAT HAPPENED?  WHERE DID YOU GO?  Well no fear my faithful followers, it was not me.  Blogger was undergoing some changes and I was blocked out till they updated.  I was hoping when I came back that I would see that someone answered my questions from my last blog.  But that is okay, I know I have a very limited crowed right now...HINT HINT PEOPLE>>>I need you to do some grass roots campaigning for me if I am ever to become famous. 

Anyway let me give you an update on the last two weeks, cuz man have they been full.  Lets start with work, because that is simple.  I had to make another run out of state for "Chicken Flats".  But this time it was not as bad, because it was not to open a new one but to do some up keep on the others.  Which sometimes is quite overwhelming.  See they are getting lots of visitors from all over, and they have to look their best..( plus if they do then I look pretty good myself)  but I a totally not doing it for any type of self reward..or prize.  ( those of you who work with me..just know that I am totally asking you to start nominating my ass for a freaking prize; but I am attempting to do it as humbly as I can.)  Anyway, it was a long week but it went well and my hard work paid off I got to come home a few hours earlier then expected.  It is weird how when you travel so much a few hours can fee like forever.

Now what was going on at home, the usually stuff, hubby working on the house ball games, homework and life.  It was a rough week for hubby and wife. Like I said in my first few blogs, juggling and balancing is not my greatest talents, and it is over whelming trying to be the best at everything. Hell even trying to be just good at everything is exhausting.  But I think the worst is when you think you are; but you really aren't.  So I have decided that I need to get better at juggling and I need to do it fast.  Not that everything is falling apart or anything but that I am concerned that the structure is got a few cracks.  So hubby and I are working together to make sure both of us become great jugglers. 

On that note pretty much summed up my week ..except I was away for my weigh in, and let me just tell you people next time I travel I am taking my own scale. Cuz the one at hotel is possessed by De'ablo himself I tell you.  As if work, life, bills hadn't worn me down enough the GOD forsaken thing told me 7 times that I had gained 15 motha F*&%ing pounds.  ( Go to hell Satin possessed Slot Machine!)  So I ended up run every chance I got, cuz I thought OMG could I have really gained weight.  I have been on a solid track of loosing weight, could this be my fall back week, my breaking moment? 

So as soon as I got home I jumped on my slot machine from hell, and I looked down and I said..."Hello LOVER  I have missed your sweet positive renforcement."  For it said back to me is the most seductive tone a digital number could...YOU LOST WIEGHT  MY PRECIOUS.  I jumped off and kissed it good night.  (stop judging people you know you would kiss it too) 

So with my reborn excitement I went to my Fat Lazy Ass Needs To Get Off  The Couch (FLANTGOTC)  Meeting...okay i admit the acronym could use some workI will take suggestions if you got them.  So I jumped on the tread mill and I ran, and I ran.  And for the first time every I got it...the runners high..and let me tell you it was mind was clear, my heart was steady, everything was moving is one fluid motion.  I know I set a goal of running 5 miles and was hopeful to hit it this year..well people are you ready for this....I DID IT! FIVE FREAKING miles, and I am sure I could have gone more.  Now the down fall is I don't think I can do it today.  I am so sore, every muscle in my body hurts..I hurt is places where I am sure I have not had muscle since I was a kid.  BUT I can always say I did it!!! 

POSITIVE QUOTE FOR THIS WEEK:  "You can do it Water Boy!!" 

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