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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It is about time.

Nine weeks in and I have to say I feel pretty good about my track record.  Although I wanted to be a little further along in my loss, I believe this journey has given me a new lease on life.  In the past I have managed to stick to a program a few weeks, or even a month.  So the fact that I passed the two month mark is really exciting for me.  I have to say my new goal of running five miles is a lot harder of a challenge than I thought it would be.  Not just because of the physical part, but time and dedication has been a big struggle.  Like this morning; I totally got up an hour half early so that I could run, but I laid in bed thinking of how hard it was and how it would make me late for work.  When I should have just got my fat ass out of bed and did it.  So now I will be stuck balancing out Mommy duties and then trying to find time to dedicate to myself.  Which pretty much means my night is shot and I will have to try again tomorrow. 

But I did get up and give myself enough time to weigh-in and complete my tape test.  Which I know you are all on the ends of your chairs just waiting to see how I did.  But before I get into that let me just say this week has been crazy and thrilling at the same time.  Although I have not been forced to buy new clothes, I have noticed that buttons are no longer screaming for help, that pockets are not protruding out the side of my clothes, and you can no longer read the dates on my coins in pockets. 

I was also very excited to hear from some of my friends that have been reading this telling me how I have inspired them.  One is journaling her weight loss on FB.  Another started her own work out routine.  Even my boss is thinking of doing something.  Heck just to know that people are thinking because I took the time to jot down some funny thoughts I had about myself, makes me want to work out harder. (except for this morning) 

Just the other day, my husband wanted to go out for dinner cuz he won these gift certificates, to a really good restaurant.  Which I totally love, cuz everything there is served super sized, and loaded with REAL BUTTER and SALT.  They don't even have a salad that isn't loaded with 1000 "dollaries".  Anyway I found myself choosing not to eat there because I did not want to jeopardize my success for one meal.  This is coming from the person who on Nutrisystem would have murdered people for a chance to eat real cheese or a steak.    So I have to say THANK YOU!   Thank you to all of you for listening to me and taking this journey with me. 

So are you ready....At 9 weeks in with the addition of my loss this week I have lost a total of 15lbs.  I also have lost in the last month alone a total of SIX AND QUARTER INCHES.   (Totalling seven.... no judgement please)  6 1/4 inches in one month!!!  Freaking fantastic I tell you, I an not ready to walk the Run Way, but I am sure feeling good about myself these days and can't wait to see more results.

This weeks  goal:  work in some abs..I would like to see them some time soon.

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