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Thursday, April 21, 2011


So today is Thursday and I usually post on Tuesdays after my date with the slot machine from hell, but this week has been crazy.  It started off fine, until my son got sick and I could no longer dedicate any time to myself, my motherly duties came first.  Which sucked!  Don't get me wrong, being a mom is probably the best thing in the world, and it is the one thing I would not trade for anything until this week. 

It started with my eval at "Chicken Flats".  I love my job, not to mention am crazy good at it, and I was a nervous wreck about the whole thing.  Because in today's economy you can't take for granted that your job is there, you have to prove it over and over.  Unless you are a Demi and are in a union and managed to get your tenure, but that is whole other bitch.  Back to what I was saying, the company changed their year evals a few year ago and have been changing them every year since, for retention purposes. (so they say)  personally I think they just want to find a way to slide in comments and remarks that seem positive at the time but can be taken out of context in the future to fire your ass. So really you are interview for you job and proving why you deserve to continue to receive a paycheck. 

So I decided NOT ME..I am indispensable, and I was gonna prove it.  But with that came long hours, and asking my family to sacrifice more.  Which they have so willingly done for me to be a success.  Well right before my "inter-eval"  I get a call that my son is ill..Now comes the problem, balancing job and motherhood.  I quickly use my superpowers and arrange for transportation, get my husband off work, and enter the "inter-eval" calm as a cucumber. 

When I arrive home, I am greeted by a son that is puking all over everything, and is reminding me ..."Why weren't you here?"  Once again..balance.  So I quickly transformed into supermom, making homemade noodle soup, rice paste, googling the Internet for recipes, and make home made peppermint tea to calm him down.  I proceed to spend the next three days, by his side, only sliding in work when he was not looking or sleeping, considering I had deadlines that I had just promised to meet in my freaking "inter-eval". 

BALANCE. (breathe)

On the fourth day I had realized that I totally forgot to run, eat, sleep, and visit my dear friend the slot machine from hell.  So I made it point to do so, when I could have screamed!!!  NO sleep, Covered in vomit, and shit, Don't recall eating, and I lost a measly freaking pound..

BALANCE  ( breathe..breathe) 

So there you have it, I am at my 8 week mark, and I am 4 pounds shy of my goal.  Not sure how it happened, but I am pretty sure Balance had a lot to do with it!!

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