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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Props Where Props Are Due

So even though my new slot machine from Hell is my favorite it is still a pain in my ass.  Cuz even with the extra exercise and my new found excitement for running, I only lost a 1/2 pound this week.  Although I have to say I am thinking the large amount of alcohol consumed due to the possibility of the government shutting down, and  combination of seeing red on my taxes had a little bit to do with the lack of loss.  See I was so worried that I could not think of anything else but gloom.  Then on Sunday when the coast was clear, I consumed a wonderful bottle of Pinto Grigo, my absolute fave in case anyone wanted to send a present.  But needless to say, it lead to me being dehydrated and forced me to consume gallon after gallon of water.    So I am very hopeful that next week's weigh-in will be more respectful.  I just had a vision of Gillian from the Biggest Looser rolling her eyes, and everyone looking at me in the elimination room...(I think I need to stop watching that show)

But anyway the whole entire reason I decided to write this weeks blog was to give some props out to those around me that have e-mail, called, and text me their stories.  I found them so inspiring, and I have to give a shout out to a good friend of mine Nancy.  No people I am not that vain, not me, I really have a friend with the same name.  Anyway, Nancy and I have been fighting this battle of the bulge forever, and her husband Scott suffers from the same simplistic mind as my husband.  Once again people I am not making this shit up! And if you didn't catch that my hubby's name...Scott.  Stay focused...she dropped me a line the other day and informed me she has lost an OUTSTANDING 23lbs.  She did not sound as excited as I did, so I decided to post her success today instead of mine.   23lbs...that is a measly 2lbs away from a 1/4 of hundred...that is amazing!!  I am so proud of her, and secretly jealous  I could SPIT!  So Nancy here is to you and your amazing 1/4 of hundred pounds!!  I will see you at New Year's  when we both are at our goal!!!

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