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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Balls To the Wall

So here I was totally excited that I have reached 10lbs and realizing I can do it, when our company had a meeting that had a motivational speaker that was by all mean passionate of what he had accomplished in his life.  A gold medal in the Olympics. But what I found fascinating is that someone would train so hard to reach a very limited goal.  How do you have that kind of dedication, passion to want something so bad.

When I discussed this with my very candid husband, he simply explained it, "you just do it"  this coming from the man that clearly suffers from OCD and when he sets his mind it is done.  So I started thinking is it really that simply, just set your mind?  Is it really mind over matter.  I then decided with the ever so slight encouragement from my husband that I should start running. So I have set a goal for myself to be able to run 5 miles a day by the end of the year.

So with all that excitement I decided today would be that day I try, how long would it take me to run five miles?  If I just set my mind to it.  It could only take about 2 hours tops, even if I walked it right?  Then I could just work hard and improve my time.  So when I explained my plan to my dear spouse.  He said " You fucking crazy, you have to build up to it."  He told me that I should start at two miles, and move up a half mile each week.  Side note: I really think that he should be a personal trainer, cuz I think that there are  hundreds of girls that would love to him stand by them and slap them on the ass like a football player and tell them to push it!  (But don't tell him I said that cuz he already suffers from over-confidence and I don't think I have enough butter to rub on his big head to get it through the door any more.)  But me, I totally don't listen to him.

So jump on the treadmill, I set my favorite tunes up, got my water, begin to walk, then jog, and then run at a nice pace.  I felt very comfortable on the treadmill, like I had been running my whole life.  I decide I would run to the five mile mark even if I fell over dead, which could be possible considering the years of smoking and drinking that have aged my body.  So, I ran and I ran.  I began to feel leg pains and cramps, but I kept running, I took a few sips of water, and kept moving.  I thought I did this in the Army, just keep going "mind over matter".  Then it believe I found the truth, the light, an epiphany;  you can have mind over matter just not over body. Because right when I had finished mile three, dying of thirst I took a quick sip and then it happened, I threw up in my cup and then again and again.  Turns out my body really didn't believe my mind.

So once again my old man was right, and my new mantra for training.."slow and steady boys slow and steady!"

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