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Monday, February 28, 2011

How Did I Become Patrick?

Well tomorrow is weigh in day, but I still hadn't faced my second truth; the tape measure.  No even though I spent years in denial and haven't taped my body since I got pregnant.  I was sure that I had some shape.  Large shape but some.  I would describe myself some what of a pear, not really and apple but I did notice that my middle had expanded some over the years.  Although with my sparkling personality and wit, who cared.  Clothes came in all shapes and sizes, and due to my height I was always used to tailoring items. 

So this morning, fresh out of the shower I did it.  I decided to be truly accountable, I had to face the truth.  Plus this way if I got on the scale again and it hadn't moved, I could at least fall back on a 1/4 of inch or some highlight of success.

Although  the scale was quite depressing and an eye opening experiance.  The tape has totally destroyed my day. I can positively say I am no pear or apple.  I am a freaking STARFISH,  all my appendages are the same freaking size...No wonder none of my shirts fit.  I have legs attached to my f'ing shoulders.  Not to mention my middle is the same size from the my neck to my ass.  What the hell, how did this happen?  Was I in a comma for the last few years.  How did I proudly walk the mall in my new shoes thinking people where checking out how good I looked.  When they were really thinking.." Marco, Polo...FISH OUT OF WATER!!!"  No joking aside my circumference is less then five inches from my height.  I am as wide as I am tall.  HOLY CRAP!!! 

NEW GOAL PEOPLE>>> I can not look like a starfish. 

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