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Sunday, February 13, 2011


So day two of my voyage of reality.  I guess the next step is to decide exactly what to do.  Perhaps the doing is not the problem but the lack there of.  Let us take a moment to reflect on how I  got here, shall we. 

About 15 years ago I met someone.  Someone that managed to take myself centered mind off me and think about someone else for a change.  That should be a good thing right?  Of course it is, I can say with confidence, that man is probably the best thing in my life since brownies.  Any way, I spent years engulfing my life into his, all though I was totally okay with that.  We are complete opposites but a perfect fit.  

Then came work, which changed into a career, then the house, then I turned into a mom.  So how do you juggle all three, and yourself.  Well I decide the other day that my problem is I CAN'T JUGGLE.  I can't even catch a freaking ball.  (Which all stems to my childhood, or lack there of.  Self medication has helped me through that part of my life)  So my answer to all my problems, crap diets.  In the last five years, I have tried numerous exercise routines, countless diets, and spent more money on infomercial results then I dare to elaborate on.  What did I learn...all though things were disappointments and made me dislike who I was.

So I decided to start a new journey of my life. We started this training at work about accountability, or some shit, I really don't know cuz I was to busy with thinking of things to write in my blog.  But it accrued to me that I hold myself accountable for everything in my life.  Work, my home, how I raise my child.  Why is it I manage to find every excuse in the book and not hold myself accountable for what I look like? 

So it begins..Today I hold myself accountable.  I will get on the scale and face the reality of what I have done to myself and face it head  on like any other challenge in my life.  I will post my results and perhaps show some accountability. 

Ring..ring...  "Your selling what?   There will be.   Okay two it is..." 

So tomorrow is the day I start, I have been invited to a wine party.  Hell I've gone 15years, whats one more can not turn down free is down right rude and we would not want to be known as the rude friend.


  1. I hear ya blogger :) I'm @ a point where I hurry into the shower to try and bypass the mirror...but I haven't figured out how to balance the gym and being a single mom... Looking forward to seeing your progress :) You can do it (April)