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Saturday, February 12, 2011

First time

Okay so here we go, I have decided that it is time for me to enlighten the world with my knowledge and comic relief.  Perhaps I should have done a little research.  Research that involves extra credit, something i was not the greatest at in school, so why even try in my later years in life. 

This is officially my first entry into my Blog.  Why did i start one, perhaps it is because the majority of my conversation deal with work, or which Spongebob episode is coming on next.  (Can some one explain to me why nick insist of showing the show for 4 hours in the evening every night!)   Well back to where i was, I realized on my, do i dare say it, my thirty-ish birthday that what do I have to show for it?  Sure married, ( happily) and mom, and a good career, but it was all routine.  So this is my attempt at a mid -life crisis that will perhaps turn into an book, or at least a good commercial. 

OK I GET you are wondering about the title..well for the past few years i feel like every time i turn around someone or something is always trying to pound something in my head.  Could it be the pants i put on every morning, that magically became a size smaller.  Or the fact the toilet bowl is shrinking?  Or that when i hold my breath, I no longer look smaller.  Or when I attempt to walk with a good posture, need to go to the chiropractor immediately.  OK I GET IT..I am turning into a giant.  It must be some kind of miracle perhaps i could be in the record books.  Or perhaps I should just walk my fat ass straight to the nearest Weight watchers and sign my soul to the dotted line.

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