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Monday, February 14, 2011

Make it simple

I did some thinking and thought, loosing weight should be easy.  It is basically math, you get so many calories a day and then you try not to go into the red.  Kind of like a check book.  So maybe if I think of calories like money I would be wiser on how I choose to spend them.

Example:  I earn 2000 dollories..( he he it is funny you know it)  a day.  I should only spent 1800 dollories so that I don't bounce a check.  If 1800 dollars is not satisfying perhaps I need a new job at the gym to earn me some more dollories so that I can spend more.  Simple RIGHT? 

I have to wonder though, I am very good with money and math, but I have been so busy lately I have managed to bounce two checks, and over draft my account five times this year.  Did I mention that we are only 6 weeks into the year.  Maybe I need to find a new strategy...

Does any body no a good trainer/accountant?

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