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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why the hesitation?

So I did it, I faced my demon, I looked it right in the eye, stepped on and waited.  I held my breathe as the numbers quickly rolled up.  10..30...40..70...90..100...130....150........180......200.....250.....300. 
Ha! Right come on people like I was actually going to tell you what it stopped onDream on! Lets just say I am under Kirsti Alley's pretend max weight.  Face it people..220 at 5 ft not fat it is a freaking lie. 

After facing the truth, I definitely need to loose weight.  Step one I need to find a system, Step two set a reasonable goal.  Step three accountability, monthly updates of weight and inches lost.  My concern is why.  Why did I wait so long? Why did I not see this?  Oh perhaps cuz I like who I freaking am!!!  Of course being skinny would be nice but..I am quite fantastic and I think perfect, so why change.

So lets tackle Step two (not because it does not require any physical work, but because it is truly easier).  They say that 2 pounds a week is a natural and healthy weight loss amount.  Let us begin there; there are 46 weeks left in the year.  That would be 92 pounds this year.  (Okay, like that is gonna happen) Now lets take off three weeks of vacation were I am totally sure I will not be loosing weight. We are at 86 pounds.  Now add 15 pounds gained from not trying to loose weight while I am on vacation.  Down to 71.  Now take off the weight I should have lost during the 5 major holidays that are still coming, that require picnics, drinks, and of course Turkey.  So we are now at 61 pounds.    Okay so 61 pounds by New Year's eve....  ( of course with a cushion of 30lbs...)

Tomorrow...Step one, and Step Three

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