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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tape results are in

So I know a I am few days behind, and the amazing thing is that I didn't think people were listening or reading.  But as soon as I fell behind, I got bombed with e-mails.  So I apologize.  Some how this week I got a life.  Unfortunately I think this past week I would have traded it with a homeless person.

Anyway, so I am back on track.  I did weigh in on my regularly scheduled Tuesday and I even bought a new slot machine from hell.  However right after the weighed in I took the fucking thing right back to the store.  Not because it lied, (which I am sure it did)  but I bought one without a battery, the dial kind.  Well the freaking dashes are so small I can not tell if i lost any weight. And to be honest I need to know down to the freaking ounces..otherwise I will fall right back to my pathetic ways.  If I lean forward it moves, and if I crouch down apparently I am five pounds heavier.  Must be something to do with compression of fat weighs more them long stretched out fat.  (if you believe that,  I have some ocean front property to sell you in Kansas)

I took the freaking thing back cuz it said in two weeks I had not lost a pound.  Side note: People how do you work not stop, barely eat, barely sleep and not loose weight.  Then I moved on to the tape test.  Which I have been dreading, cuz without exercise I really, highly doubt to see a difference.  I am hopeful but I am not stupid.  So I drag out the clothe tape, start at the bottom and work my way up.  Recording every step along the way.  Then I flip the page to the previous month.  I couldn't believe it I had lost a total of an inch and half.  (shut up shut up!!) I know it is not a lot and divided into three places really not alot.  But it is something and I am freaking taking it. 

So my goal next week after I catch my breath>  back to my exercise routine and a dye job, my roots look bad!

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