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Saturday, March 12, 2011


So I started this week with a glimmer of hope, not because I did so well last week but because my super duper hubby put a note on my success board to "stay positive"  Although he pretends not to care, I know he it is a bonus to him if I reach my goal.  He will no longer be the trophy wife. 

Anyway started the week, but then reality set in, I try not to let work affect my home life, nor do I try to write about it but lets just say where I work...lets call it "Chicken Flat"  for poetic licnensing sakes.  Any way Chicken Flats takes up a lot of time, and lately they have been under massive changes and somehow I have become a big part of some of those changes.  Even though I am so far down on the freaking pole, it is up to me to put all the pieces together and the stress this week is driving me insane.  I wish I was one of those people who get stressed out and loose weight but I am totally the freaking opposite.  So my guess come this Tuesday...all my sweet success will end up right down the freaking drain.  But I still was trying to remain positive and had the weekend to look forward to.  Cuz this weekend was my son's birthday, and like the cool mom I am, I made sure to have the best invites, the coolest party, the neatest cake, and prizes.  Then I even managed to plan a cool party for his class while am I am away for work, opening more freaking Chicken Flats. ( If you know where I work, I am sure you are lying on the floor laughing and are totally cracking up on my word play...LOL)

But even through all that..still positive.  Until it started to rain, and rain, and rain.  Then the worst this that could possibly happen happened!!  I lost my Internet as I furiously drag my ass down a flight of stairs ready to scream about not being able to log on FB.  I realize, i lost my connection because the basement, of my brand smacking newly built house is flooding!!  OMG...OMG.... what to do.  I frantically ran around like a nut thinking that is i ran so fast that the wind and hot air coming from my mouth as I screamed would some how dry all the water that was pouring into my beautiful home. 

So needless to say after 16 hours of bailing water, and mopping and drying and crying I realized that GOD hated me and my true friend must be the devil; because he is the only one that could see the light in any of this. So no work out, not dieting this weekend..I will be self medicating my losses and trying to figure out how to take water to hell with me to repay the favor!

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