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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Same old

This week has moved by so slowly and has been a total bore it is quite depressing.  I spent the work, over stressed about work, attempting to make progress in the house with unpacking boxes.  But I have managed to do absolutely nothing.  The sad worst thing is I haven't bothered to keep up with any work outs.  Well strike that, I have done my crunches, because lately laying around seems to be my thing this week.  But I really need to do some cardio. 

I thought for sure I would be able to motivate myself with the small success that I had last week, but the weather this week has gotten me down, and I can not find the energy to get back up.  Even with my skipper meds.  I know come weigh day I am gonna have gained my success back and it is gonna totally piss me off. 

Maybe I need to find a hypnotist..someone that can put a positive spin on things...I keep trying to remember somethings one of my friends sent me to keep me going...but the only thing it has done is keep my head out the I guess it is a start.  "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"  Thanks David for the reenforcements..I will keep pressing on!!

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