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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So like I said earlier this week, things were not going well with the flood and all.  But I kept moving forward.  I successfully managed 10 seven-year old children pumped full of sugar and excitement through a party and a movie.  Sounds easier said then done.  You feed 10 kids soda, cake, and prizes and ask them to sit quietly.  It wasn't my smartest choice but it didn't totally blow up in my face.  Amazingly enough it was the cheapest party I ever through. 

You know I don't ever recall my parents spending money on any of my birthday for a parties.  I am pretty sure that it was frowned upon and thought of as a frivolous expense.  I used to think my parents where just cheap, and perhaps not that thoughtful, however I am starting to see that perhaps they were right.  Birthdays should be with family, involve little money, and perhaps one small gift.  To think I still have 11 more of these to throw! 

Anyway, I was smart about the cake, I ordered cupcakes, first off because it is so much easier and second of all portion control.  Then I went one step further, I ate carrots before we left so I was full and didn't even think of cake.  Although 16 trips walking kids to the bathroom did help with the hoovering around the food problem I seem to have.

I spent much of Sunday loafing and self-medicating my losses from the flood.  Then the rat race for Chicken Flat's started on Monday and hasn't stopped.  However I did make time to do my weekly weigh in.  I was totally prepared for utter and complete failure.  This week was so crazy, I promised myself if I had gained any weight back, that I would shake it off and move forward.  Well Ladies and Gents...I jumped on my slot machine form hell and screamed, "SHUT UP!!!"  Two and half pounds had disappeared in my week from hell.  Just to be on safe side I proceeded to get on the scale five more times..I did the same thing when I found out I was a prego..5 tests and $70.00 later I figured they were right.

>>Perhaps I han an OCD issue I am unaware of?  One problem at a time I guess.

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