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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 2 is over!

So today is my accountability day.  The day I dread of the entire week.  I know that the moment I step on my slot machine from hell that nothing else matters, no excuses, no reasoning, no justification just simple, basic math.  Either subtraction or the dreaded addition. 

First off let me just say it concerns me that after the first week in and I felt like giving up, then I saw the light but the very next day...nothing, I used none of the energy positively.  I always said I failed at dieting and losing weight because I became discouraged to easily.  When the truth of the matter is, I am pretty sure I just don't push myself hard enough.  My dear husband; who can loose wight by thinking about it, told me every night go do something..but once again I found excuse after excuse.

So now here I am going to stand on this stupid machine and see the truth.  He was right and I was wrong, of course if he asks I can always blame it on water weight or something. 

So I jump on and ...crap...crap...SHIT...DAMN!.  He was right and I was wrong.


I did loose a pound, but now I have to listen to him for the next week.  I could always say it is a proven fact that for some reason week two is the hardest to loose weight.  Gillian on Biggest Looser said so herself, many contestants fall off the wagon after week two because they don't realize that their body has adjusted to the shock and needs to be shocked again.  ( I really thought that was a bunch of crap, but I guess you can't look like her and not know things like that.)

So I begin Week 3:  Mantra this week..shock the soul!


  1. Hey Chickie!
    I just wanted to say all jokes aside. A pound is a pound! Take it and be proud. I am so proud of you! I believe you say what others only dream of saying about themselves. Accountability, WOW! What a word. We should use that at work. LOL!

  2. Dear tisf04,
    Thanks for the words of support. Accountability is such a strong world perhaps is should be re-calssified as a Four-letter word. Also, I am pretty sure some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth; I wish I was dreaming. LOL