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Friday, July 6, 2012

Well I think it has been darn near a year, I kept telling myself get started again, start writing, start screaming, start running, just freaking start.   I am not really sure what the hell is going on in my head?  It doesn't help that I am surrounded by CRAZY, it is any wonder that I am as sane and put together as I am.  Although; I have read some of my past blogs and thought. Perhaps sane is not the best choice of words, of course that is what makes me drop dead fabulous.
So I started my journey with a realization, then a pitfall, than an epiphany. Then reality set in.  So I thought I would look up the 12 step program from AA and see where my success has fallen so that I can proceed positively forward.  Let me just say after reading the 12 steps, I have to wonder how any one succeeds. No offense but it sounded like a load of crap.  (I guess this means I am still at step one.)   Don't get me wrong I believe in GOD, and I have faith; but I also believe you make the choices in your life; you make your own destiny.  That opportunity doesn't come knocking on your door unless you are in a movie or a book.  You have to go find it and grab it. 
Even though i think i have made these positive choices in my life now, I could kick myself for not choosing sooner.  That had always been my mantra, so what the hell happened. How did I let myself fall apart? 


Oh well time to move on so I have decide to create my own 12 steps to MY ASS.  I have already taken the first step 1) facing the truth.  2) Deciding to change 3) reviewing the past
4) Run
5) Run
6) Run
7) Run

8) Run

9) Run
10) RUN
11) RUN
12) Walk.....
Perhaps it needs some work…  I think I will start with Sensa.  It should be in the mail in a few days.  (I really need to stop grabbing a crutch but hey it is a starting point!)

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