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Friday, July 20, 2012

Selling my soul to the devil.

            I am really thinking the selling my soul to the Devil, it might be the only way I will see any progress!  So, I managed not to have my weird crying dream the last few nights, but I am sure that is due to pure exhaustion. This week at “Chicken Flats” we had to replace a floor.  That meant everything had to come out for a day and then put back in, and taken out of another section and back again and so on till complete.  Then to add to it, it was like a freaking 100 degrees and I chose this week to get back to running.  I must be retarded or stupid; I have not figured it out.

        I ordered the free trial of Sensa two weeks ago and received it last week and thought I would add it to my running routine.  First off let me start off by saying that number you call to get a free sample is a pain in the ass!  It is completely computerized and the stupid thing is program to do an add on sale for every item they offer.  The free sample phone call took 15 minutes, and had I said yes to any of the sales pitch questions I would have been charge nearly $400.00 just to get my free sample, of course it would have been upgraded to free shipping and somehow I would have saved over 50%.  (Still trying to figure that one out).

        Any way I have been on it for a week, and believe it or not I have gained a freaking 5lbs.  Which I am not sure how that is even possible, I have walked and ran all week, worked my butt off at “Chicken Flats”.  I totaled it out to be about 17 miles this week.  How the hell did I gain weight?  (Don’t give me any of that crap muscle weighs more than fat…newsflash that is volume not weight.  5lbs of shit is the same thing as 5lbs of flowers, just not pretty or sweet smelling).  This has brought me to my newest conclusion. No more pills, no more drugs, just selling my soul to the Devil.  I am pretty sure that is what all the famous do anyway.  So if anyone out there has seen the Devil, please send him my way, I will pull my pen out to sigh on the dotted line!

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